hg: In the Beginning

This website is my attempt to promote the simple life, for the benefit of us and the environment. To kick things off, what led me here?


Anyone who knows me will agree that I’m a tidy person.

And yet, stumbling through adolescence, I started to accumulate stuff. My bedroom was the sole repository for these possessions and groaned under the burden. Tidiness became difficult to maintain. Eventually I had too many things to store in an aesthetically pleasing manner.


A fierce struggle ensued. I was driven to find evermore convoluted techniques to hide the clutter. Looking back on this, the solution was obvious… under-bed storage!

Just kidding. It’s to have less stuff.

It took me a while to discover this. When that time came I embraced the idea wholeheartedly.

Decluttering made me reflect on what we need to be content and examine the deeper reasons for wanting to live with less. I have since come to the conclusion that simplicity is best and has many happy side-effects, one being a tidier bedroom.


I’m also a concerned person. My face, for example, naturally comes to rest at an expression of vague trepidation.

During the early years, this anxiety was confined to my limited circle of interest - how to dress like the cool kids, or how to be less irrelevant to my peers - and I remained blissfully ignorant of everything else.

At nineteen I went to university and the bubble was burst. I suddenly became aware of the big bad world and issues outside everyday life.

Of course, I still worried about dressing well and being noticed, but climate change and our damaged environment somehow struck me as equally pressing. After all, we are destroying our only home at an alarming rate, thus digging ourselves an early grave.

After dropping out of university, I turned to this new-found interest and was lucky to get a job at a solar company developing large-scale solar installations. During a turbulent two years there, my interest in the environment turned into a passion and a cause.

And it soon became clear that the two - simplicity and sustainability - go together rather well.